White Knights Consulting offers the tools that non-profits need to succeed! 

By tapping into grants available to nonprofits, we keep costs low and out-of-pocket costs even lower!

We are best known for helping nonprofits raise funds online through Google Ads. We:

  • Apply for – and almost always win – your Google Ad grant
  • Then we help you spend this free money!
  • Design, write, setup and create your Google Ads
  • Analyze and adapt each ad to drive even more donations
  • Best of all  — there are $0 out of pocket COSTS TO YOU – yep ZERO. We simply split the monthly donations you earn through your website until our fees are covered.

Other services that White Knights Consulting offer:

  • Website build and design
  • Logos and other artwork
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Public relations and promotions
  • Writing and communications
  • Technical support. Our most popular tech service is building cloud servers
    • Cloud Servers allow your employees to easily share files – from the office or anywhere!
    • We build a customized “File Share” system for you, using Microsoft Azure
      • Very easy to use – even for employees who fear technology
      • Safe and secure, with automated backups and Microsoft’s security
    • Azure is typically free for you!  The average cost of a “File Share” system is covered by the Microsoft grant for nonprofits that we apply – and usually win – for you!